top 5 beauty favs.

Hello all you beautiful people! The weather has been SO gorgeous lately & I am super excited.

 I have no idea how to start this post haha…I have been sitting here for so long trying to figure out what to say. & the post is not about anything that important…it’s literally about my top 5 favorite beauty items I use haha. So yep, there’s the introduction.

 Often times I feel like the world/internet/people tell us that we NEED the best products for our face. Products that are $50-$100 just to zap a pimple or to soften our lips…I am not about that at all. I think some “off-brand” products will do the exact same thing. Now I do agree that there are some products that you should have in order to get the best results. If I see good results, I will spend the money.

 So I am here to share with you my “off-brand” products that have been my life savers & I don’t have to spend much money on them…AT ALL!

 {to purchase any products I talk about below…click on the “purchase here” tab right below the item!}


1.    This one is so literally the BEST I can’t even tell you how much I love it. I have been using this toner for soooooo many years! I even used it in high school…that was 8 years ago lol yikes. But, I cannot go a day without it or I can feel the difference in my skin. It is more oily & a pimple is on the verge of popping up at any second haha. So yes, if you have not tried this before…GO BUY IT! It’s literally under $5. {I have bought mine at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, & CVS}.

2.    I started using this one 2 weeks ago and LOVE it. I put it on every night before bed and it makes such a difference in the morning. I used to go to bed with super dry skin and it would hurt…but not anymore! This adds so much moisture and I even put it on my neck to keep those wrinkles away! {I bought mine at Target but also found it at Ulta}.

3.    Once or twice a week I will put this product on my hair before I go to bed. Yes, it feels SO oily and gross but I love the way it feels after I wash my hair in the morning. It’s super easy to just spray, braid, & go to bed. {I bought mine at Sally Beauty Supply}.

4.    2 words…LASH BOOST! This has seriously been my life saver & I am not exaggerating! So my friend sells Rodan+Fields & she told me I should try this. I was skeptical at first because everyone tries to “sell” their products…obviously. So I told her if I saw good results on her then I would try it too. OMG. I could not believe the way her lashes looked after only 4 weeks of putting a tiny bit of serum on her lashes each night before bed. So I bought it right away. I used to get eyelash extensions but it was getting so pricey for me…so I went to this & I am so incredibly happy with the results! This is definitely a pricier product, but like I said, if I see good results, I will pay the price. This is so so worth it you guys!  {message my friend by clicking the link below and she will provide the product for you}.

5.    I didn’t want to post about this product at first because I was embarrassed (thank you world for making us insecure about stuff we cannot control). But many other girls I know struggle with the little hairs above the lip (I can’t bring myself to call it a mustache on girls haha). So my dear friend Sonya told me about this product. I used to get it waxed but that would make me break out and I was tired of trying to hide it with makeup. So, I decided to try this and it is so much better than waxing! So if you are looking for something to remove those dang baby hairs above the lip…this is it! & it seriously takes 8 minutes…don’t tell me you don’t have time for that! {I bought mine at Target}.

Well there you go! Try out these products and let me know what you think of them. I would love to know if you see good results like I did. I have also been trying new “off-brand” makeup products that are working just as good as Urban Decay & Bare Minerals, so that post will be coming up soon as well.

 Thank you for reading & I hope this encourages you to try the “off-brands” even if it’s not the cool thing to do lol.