Smalltown, USA

I wish I grew up in a small little town where everyone knew everyone and you all went to the same school growing up together. A town that has one gas station, a cute little diner, one salon, & a local coffee shop where you knew all the customers by name and their order. Instead, I have lived in a town where everything you need is right there at your finger tips – the mall, Starbucks, gas station, Notre Dame, grocery store, & every restaurant you can imagine. I don’t have to drive more than 15 minutes for anything I need (except to see my boo thang…but the extra 5 minute drive is worth it ;)).

2 weekends ago I was in Kentucky in a small little town that I love going to. My mom is from there and we go back quite often. The people there make life seem so simple. Sitting on the front porch, drinking Ale8, is what makes them happy. Everyone cooks for their guests that come over, you give a car ride to anyone in need, you know everyone at church, & you can choose between Subway & Dairy Queen for your fast food.

Going here gets me out of the hustle & bustle of the everyday life. You can see mountains and valleys for miles on the drive in. The roads are winding & it makes your ears pop. It’s just crazy to see how some mountains form and the amount of trees that grow in one part of the country – God has some amazing handiwork.

This past weekend I visited a small town in Michigan for the very first time. We arrived after dark so I didn’t get to see the town until Saturday morning - & when I got the “tour”, I loved it. I told Morgan I felt like I was in a Hallmark movie lol. It is your perfect definition of a small little country town with one stoplight & adorable shops up and down the street. The trees are in the process of turning colors so it was absolutely beautiful! {we obvi had to take some pics ;)}.

Along with seeing the town that Morgan grew up in, I also got to meet his parents & brother. They were so welcoming & made me feel right at home the whole weekend. We went to the church bazaar, carved pumpkins, went to church, & ate delicious meals cooked by his mom.

Weekends like this make it so hard to come back to work & real life. I suppose that’s what makes these weekends so special – rare & too short. I had spent the whole weekend being around Morgan & going home lastnight without him was sad lol. I have a million & one reasons to miss him when I’m not with him but I will save that for another time & another blog post because I will be up until midnight if I start writing about him now ;).

So all this to sum up that small towns are where it’s at! Hallmark movies are real life once you visit these towns and see that these places are real (even though some Hallmark movies are cheesier than an Arby’s beef & cheddar lol). So travel your little heart out and see these things for yourself. Take someone who you enjoy being around, eat at the hometown places, take pictures, & make memories.


As always, thanks for reading & spend your weekends doing fun things because they come & go so fast!