New Year's Improvements.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am having a great day today! Work went by really fast. It’s the start of a new year. I get to see Morgan & exchange Christmas gifts in 2 days. I’m drinking a white chocolate mocha. & I’m about to start a new book.

I hope you guys started out the New Year on the right foot also! Do any of you have some  New Year’s resolutions? If so, I hope you work hard at them every day & achieve them at the end of the year.! If not, you’re not alone. I don’t have any resolutions. I always start out the year thinking I will have a list of things I want to accomplish, & then when I give up or forget a couple weeks into the year, I feel like a failure. Nobody wants to feel like that! So this year I wanted to start the year with a new idea in mind. Something that is different from the norm …

New Year’s Improvements.

I have some things in my life that I want & need to improve. I like the sound of “improving” something because; if I miss a day I won’t feel like a complete failure and think I have to wait til January 1 of next year to begin again, I can just work harder the next day at improving whatever I missed the day before.

So I want to share a couple of the things I plan to improve as this year begins:

1.    My spiritual life. I think this is one of the most important things in your life to keep up with and it can improve each day – so I hope to be in the Word more and learning more about the things I don’t know.

2.    My workout routine. I have a hard time staying motivated when I just go to the gym and have to work out on my own. I enjoy workout classes but I haven’t found a place that works with my work schedule. I went to a dance fitness studio for a long time and saw results in no time, but the class times don’t work with my schedule. But, I just joined Planet Fitness last week {mainly because of the tanning hahaha…not kidding} so hopefully I will start improving! I also joined a fitness challenge group through Facebook that my cousin is doing & she got results and has really motivated me to get my booty going!

3.    My eating habits. I am allergic to many foods and it’s hard to stay away from them. I need to plan my meals better and eat healthier foods. I loooove sweets…like omg haha. I could live off of sweet foods. But I need to up my fruit & veggie intake. So if you have some good snack ideas with fruits & veggies – send them my way!

4.    My savings account. {LOL}. This is definitely something that needs improvement. I think it is important to have money saved in case of a medical emergency, car problems, or when you wanna buy 100 things for your boyfriend for Christmas…lol. So yeah, this one will be top of the improvement list!

5.    My blog. I love reading other people’s blogs - I get so many good ideas and inspirations. You can also learn a lot about someone through their blog. I love to learn about someone and their background through their blog. So, I am hoping to improve my audience and the amount of people that I reach through my blog & hope to be an inspiration.

6.    My health. Along with the working out and eating habits, I could also improve other things about my health. My sleep schedule is not good lol. I like to stay up late and then I either get up early & I’m exhausted, or I sleep in and waste half my day. So I need to work out getting a good amount of sleep each night. I also need to start taking vitamins. I don’t take any vitamins right now - except maybe some vitamin C when I feel a cold coming on lol. So I have been doing some research on the best type of vitamins to take.

7.    My anxiety. Anxiety is something that I have a major problem with and need to improve. I started out today, the new year, with no anxiety yet so I am hoping that means the rest of the year will be just as good! Now I know my anxiety isn’t just going to go away & I’ll never struggle again, but I am hoping to really understand my anxiety and prove to myself that I won’t let it eat me away and make 2017 a miserable year.

So there is my short little list for now. There are many other things I could improve in my life but I think that is a good start for now so I don’t overload myself. I am always open to suggestions or tips on these things and would love to hear them if you guys have any advice. I am super excited to get going on the fitness challenge tomorrow and see the results. I am going to Florida in March so I REALLY need to stay committed to this!

I hope you guys have some things that you are thinking about as the year is starting and whatever your goals may be that you go after them and just blow yourself away with the results that you get!

YOU GO GIRL! {or guy lol}.

Love ya’ll & hope to hear tips & tricks for my improvements from you soon.!