life lately.

WOW! I have not written on here in FOREVER!

Keeping up with my website has not been at the top of my list for the past couple months. I have been busy with other things & I just have not put the time into writing. I do love writing and posting about things that are on my heart for others to read about, but I let other things take up my time recently.

But, I really want to be more involved and write many more posts as we head into spring and the fabulous months of summer!

So this first post back is going to be about what I am doing with my life lately and the upcoming things that I have planned.

Soooo yeah, life lately.

I don’t know where to begin!

Ok, I guess we will start with most recent happenings in my life and the most important one to me…& that would be Morgan. He moved back home last weekend to study for the NLCEX and then begin his job up there. His hometown is 4.5 hours away. I hate that it is that far from me but I also LOVE going up to his town because it is so stinking cute! It’s seriously a Hallmark town. It is quiet and quaint with beautiful scenery all around. While I am sad he is back home & our time together will be more spread out and not as often as before…I am SO proud of him and all he has accomplished so far & I can’t wait to see how far he goes in his nursing career.

I currently work at a boutique store that has so many adorable clothes it’s hard to keep a paycheck ;). I have never worked retail & it is something special lol. Some days I wish I could say what I want…but the “customer is always right”…not fair haha. I guess I have never understood how rude people are until now. So yeah, I’ll just leave it at that :).

Next up, I am currently an independent distributor for a company calls SeneGence and the product I sell is called LipSense. IT. IS. AMAZING. If you have ever wanted a lip color {not lip stain} that lasts all day, this is your product! Definitely message me with any questions and I can help ya out! You won’t regret it, I promise!

Also, I am in LOVE with coffee & it’s not a good obsession haha. I could (& actually have) drank 3 Venti iced coffees in a day if I tried. Although that may not be a bad thing, I like my coffee with much cream and flavoring and sugar and all the goods haha so yeah. I have told myself coffee on the weekends (SMALL size only haha) and one day during the week,,,so far I have achieved! Nevermind that this is the first week haha but hey, you have to start somewhere! I also LOVE finding cute little coffee shops to sit at & write down journal entries or do my bible studies. So, if you have any good coffee shop suggestions or favorites then hit your girl up & let me know! & if you wanted to meet sometime for coffee & talk life, that would be even better!

So for those of you that don’t know, my dad passed away in 2015. He had a group of businessmen that met every Friday morning at Panera & just talked about life and prayed for each other and read books together. So I got this great idea that I wanted to do something like that with girls my age and just build a community of people to talk to. Welllllll, it hasn’t turned out as well as I thought. I think this is something that has helped me learn to trust in Jesus and not get discouraged. My lovely mentor has told me to try it for 6 months and not give up after 2 weeks if no one shows up. I named the group GEG Together (Girls Encouraging Girls Together) & thought it would be a great way to build relationships, so we will see what happens from here on out! I am super excited about it :).

Lastly, I have many goals set for the next couple of months of my life and I am super excited about them! I have been doing a regular work out routine that has been helping me in that area of life. And then I have also always had the idea of Cosmetology school in the back of my mind and I wanted to go when I graduated high school but didn’t. Haven’t stopped thinking about it since then…soooo I have some exciting news in that area but I do not want to post about them just yet because there is nothing set in stone. But as soon as something happens I will be sure to update you guys on that.! Just know that if I get licensed in that area of profession I better see all y’all’s pretty faces in the chair across from me ;).

I have many other goals written down to achieve as far as my website goes and the direction that I want to take it. So I will be keeping you guys updated on all of this and so much more! For now just drop me a comment or personal message on any topic that you want to hear me write about or give my opinion on!

Thank you all for reading my site, it means more to me than you know!

Have a great Sunday!