ipsy glam bag review.

So here I am to give y’all my review on my ipsy glam bag for the month of July! {click on picture to purchase item.}


I got 5 items and I love all of them! I will put my rating next to each item. {scale is 1-10}.


I am just going to review the items and not make this post super long. {because I have an acai bowl to make and eat haha}.


1.    Too Faced Mascara {10/10}

This is a FAB mascara! When I posted my Instagram story, so many people replied to me and said how much they love it & I totally agree! It gives great length along with lots of fullness on your eyelashes. I need that because my lashes seem to be too thin with just regular mascara. I like to put 2 coats on of this as well. I say it’s definitely a product I can see myself purchasing.

2.    Nomad Illuminated Highlighting Powder {9/10}

This product is something that I have been looking for. I have a good highlighter now, but trying out this new one was awesome. It gives great “highlight” and makes your cheek bones pop. I would suggest this product. {I could not find this product anywhere online except for ebay.}

3.    Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance Mat Toner {10/10}

Toner’s are MY THANG. I cannot go to bed at night without putting my toner on {even though I do sometimes and I wake up the next day with a zit haha}. I have very oily skin and any toner definitely helps keep my skin from getting zits. If you don’t already use a toner, I would DEFINITELY suggest it! This one was super great because it’s a mattifying toner. Heck yeah! So yes, I highly suggest this product!

4.    Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner {7/10}

I hardly ever wear eyeliner so this was not one of my top items. I did like how smooth it went on my eyelid and how skinny the brush was {hence “skinny” on the bottle lol}. So yeah, if you are a liner girl then I suggest this product!

5.    Hanalei Lip Treatment {Rose} {10/10}

THIS IS AMAZING!!!! This was by far my favorite product in the whole bag! I looooove how it looks on and how amazing it made my lips feel. Mine is Rose color and I loved the little pink color it gave my lips. It also stays on for a long time. I looked it up and it is out of stock on their website but you can find it Amazon. You can also enter your email on the web page and they will let you know when the product is back in stock. But this product is a 100% YES!


Let me know if any of you guys try these products! I would love to know what you think of them! Thank you for reading! Enjoy your weekend J