fall "to-do" list.

When I walked outside today it was just under 60 degrees & the crisp air was cold enough to make my eyes water a little bit. I drove to work feeling a little chilled {but I didn’t turn my heat on because I went the whole summer without air conditioning so it felt good to not sweat for once lol}. I like the feeling of refreshment when fall comes around. So many people say they hate living here in South Bend & they just want to move somewhere else. I would disagree. One of my favorite things about it is the changing of the seasons. I would not want summer year round or 50-60 degree weather. I like the mix up that we get here.

 So after I got to work and had the feeling of fall in me, I made a “to-do” list of some things I want to accomplish this fall. Just a few things that I think would be cool to see or do before the wicked cold winter air comes {brb, crying}.

 What are a few of your favorite things about fall?

 I love the cool air and drinking a nice warm Starbucks {salted carmel, white mocha, no whip, is my current fav}. I also LOVE to wear big sweaters with leggings and boots. I am not a fan of the PSL though…I know, I know, it’s a basic white girl thing…guess that means I’m not basic {thank goodness!}. I like to go apple picking {I really just like the fresh waffles with cherries on top that they serve in the cabin haha}. I like to carve pumpkins & watch college football. My friend moved to Colorado in July, I am visiting her in November, and I am SO excited to get out there and see all of the beautiful fall colors in the mountains.!

 So here in my little “to-do” list to accomplish this fall {in random order}:

1.    Spend the day in Chicago & ride the ferris wheel on navy pier. Have any of you ever ridden the ferris wheel before? Like or dislike it?

2.    Buy lots of big comfy sweaters {at least 3 new ones}.

3.    Try out new colors of nail polish. I always paint my nails a nice light pink or nude color. This year I want to try greens & reds & taupe & oranges. {Currently painted dark purple, which I love!}

4.    Find a new DIY project to make. I always start little projects and never finish them. So I am making a goal to start and finish at least one new project this fall.

5.    Go to Hoedown Island at least once.! This is one of my family’s favorite places to go down in Kentucky. It’s located at Natural Bridge State Park in Slade, KY. Have you ever heard of “clogging”? It’s a type of dance…if not, you should look it up on youtube! There is also hiking, waterfalls, & rock climbing there. {which I already have a trip planned, but it was definitely a goal since I haven’t been all summer!}

6.    Learn to make chicken noodle soup. My dad made the BEST chicken noodle soup, but he just made it from scratch & didn’t have the recipe written down. So if you all have any good recipes, you could pass them my way!

7.    Paint my room. The room I live in is my older sisters, she has been out of the house for a while, but we still have it painted the same color as when we moved in 14 years ago. So, I want to paint it white and make it neutral to match with everything.

8.    I want to start a new, at-home, workout routine. Some of my cousins do the T25 video and have gotten great results, so I will probably give that one a try.! Do you guys have any other suggestions or favorites of good home workout videos?  

9.    Learn to make a new dessert. I like to bake better than cook so I have made some yummy desserts in the past, but I want to try something new. I love chocolate and pretty much just about anything else sweet except coconut {only coconut shrimp haha}. Any recipes you want to share?!

10.  I really want to start a budget. I wouldn’t say I am the best at saving money {oops ;)}, but I can if I have to. So I think having a budget and staying on top of it would be really good for me.

11.  Be in the top 3 at work every week. Each week my manager writes who the top 3 sellers are for the previous week and I want to make it a goal to be on that board every week. I think it will keep me motivated & work hard each time I am there.

12.  Try 3 new coffee shops. I love to go to cute towns around me & go in the coffee shops. Oregon has so many good ones {I know those aren’t around me, I was just saying haha}. I like to see the atmosphere & the type of service that each one has to offer.

13.  Pay it forward. I want to be able to bless as many people as I can. Whether it’s pay for the person behind me at Starbucks or in line for a DQ blizzard {because, duh}, I just want to be able to lend a helping hand and make someone’s day a little brighter.!

14.  Last but not least, drink a carmel latte for my dad. He LOVED his carmel lattes. He would drink it piping hot as soon as the barista handed it to him. Man, he loved his coffee. He always wrinkled his forehead when he drank it & then make a big “ahh” sound after he was done. I just love that guy.

 That completes my list.! I know there are others things I want to do but these were off the top of my head for now. What are some things that you guys want to do this fall? Leave a comment below & maybe I will want to try it also.!

 Thanks for reading – means a lot to me.!