coffee. christmas. & conversation.

I love this time of year – Christmas! & I think Starbucks makes it so much better. There’s nothing like the snow falling outside, drinking a warm drink, & watching a Hallmark Christmas movie.

 I’m currently doing just that! {except the snow stopped falling..}

 Morgan is basking in the sun on a cruise right now & I’m dreading the -20 temps that are predicted for tomorrow…lol -20. I envy the sunshine & beaches he has enjoyed for the past couple days. I also miss him very much. I wrote a list of things to do while he was gone since we wouldn’t be hanging out & I wouldn’t be able to talk to him much besides a facebook message each night…I haven’t done one thing on my list yet haha oops {actually “write a blog post” was one of them so I guess this is my first, & probably only, accomplishment lol}.

 I was trying to think of things to write about and nothing was coming to mind. & then I remembered that I tried a few new drink recipes when I worked at Starbucks {for a hot second} & thought I would share them with you.!

 So…as I’m sitting here in one of Morgan’s {huge on me} baseball shirts {have you noticed I like talking about him?}, drinking my Starbucks, & watching a Hallmark {one I haven’t seen!!}, I want to share a few drink recipes that I think you should try.!

1.    Grande white chocolate mocha. 1 pump toffee nut. 2 scoops of vanilla bean powder steamed in with the milk. This is perfect if you like a sweet drink! {thanks to Kailey for this recipe & for spending 2 weeks training me at sbucks!}

2.    Grande vanilla bean frappuccino. Heavy whipping cream instead of milk. Add java chips. 1 extra scoop of vanilla bean powder. Carmel drizzle blended in & on top. THIS ONE IS SO GOOD!!! {thanks to Sean for being the best at making this one!}

3.    Venti Starbucks double shot over ice. Vanilla syrup instead of classic. A little bit of milk {of your choice}. & EXTRA carmel drizzle.

 So, there are 3 of my favorite drinks to get at Starbucks! You better hurry your little buns over to a Sbucks tomorrow on your way to work and try one of these! And if you do…you better tell me about it! I want your input & to see if we have the same taste :))

 I can’t believe we are ONE WEEK away from Christmas! I am so excited for this next week because Morgan comes home, I get to go to his family’s house for a couple days {& try a seafood boil for the first time that his mom will be making!}, visit Frankenmuth while I am up there, finish my Christmas shopping, spend time with my family, & watch more Hallmark movies {obvi!}.

 I pray all of you remember the real reason for this season and get to enjoy time with your family and loved ones. I love y’all & also pray for hurting hearts around this time of year when we will be celebrating without some of our favorite people around.

 Now go wrap your presents and jam out to your favorite Christmas tunes!

 P.S…did I mention we have always had a real Christmas tree?! Anybody else?!