10 qualities every girl deserves.

As I began my 4.5 hour journey home from Morgan’s yesterday I was doing a lot of thinking. I think a lot when I am in the car. I dream about what life will be like in the years to come, how successful I can become in my little side businesses, & how I want to do my hair for work the next day {you think I’m kidding lol}.

 As I went flying down the highway I was thinking of all the sweet memories we made over the weekend. We went blueberry picking, rode a 4-wheeler, made dinner together, did face masks, & just enjoyed being with each other. Long distance is not for the weak, that is one thing I have learned. I can be independent and I keep busy with work, but there are days I just want to eat dinner together spur of the moment or go for a walk around the lakes at ND.

 I was thinking of all the things I love about Morgan. To make a relationship work you have to have similarities & differences. We have both. But we work with it, we learn from each other and make things work out how they are supposed to. I cannot sit here and say one thing I dislike about Morgan {I guess that’s a good thing ;)} but for real, I know so many people in relationships that can’t stand the person they are dating. Why be in a relationship with them then? You deserve to be happy!

 I wanted to write the top 10 things I believe every girl should want {and DESERVES} in a guy.


1.    Christ-like – this one is SO important to me. This is most definitely the top quality I have always looked for in guys. I say Christ-like instead of Christian because so many people call themselves Christians but don’t live out their lives as one. I want a man who will pray with me every morning & one who will love me as Christ loves His people when they mess up. This may not seem THAT important at the beginning of a relationship because people can seem “nice” but when times get tough and you continue to grow together, you will see the other side of that person. I want mine to be the same person in the good times and bad – and that would be leading me closer to Christ in everything we do.

2.    Supportive – “giving support; providing sympathy or encouragement.” Isn’t it hard to do “big” things in life without the support of your loved ones? I always ask Morgan “what should I do?” when I have to decide on something {ok maybe everything} but you want the input of the ones who matter most to you. This one is super important to me because I don’t want to decide where to live, where to work, when to have kids, where to put kids in school without the support of my husband one day. It feels good when they are 100% behind you in your decision. I like that a lot. In turn, you should also be their biggest supporter.

3.    Leader – “a person or thing that leads.” I really saw this in my dad. He led our family for all 60 of his years here on earth. He was so great at providing for our family, loving our family, loving my mom, & working hard to do what he had to do. I want this in my husband as well. I want someone who will guide and direct me. I need someone who is beside me each day in life and leading me from one thing to the next. This also plays a large part of your spiritual life. You should want someone who is making you a better person each day and challenging you to become the best you can be.

4.    Faithful – “steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant.” This is HUGE. What is the point in being in a relationship with someone who is being unfaithful to you? There is none. I see so many marriages or relationships fall apart because one or the other is unfaithful. How could you tear your significant other apart because you wanted something in that moment that ruined your whole relationship? I have never been in this situation and I pray that I never will be. I hurt for those of you who have been destroyed by someone you loved.

5.    Trustworthy – “deserving the trust or confidence; dependable; reliable.” So trust. I feel like this is one of the first things broken in a relationship. You just met this person! How in the world are you supposed to know if they are telling you the truth or if they are making themselves look good just to win your heart? For me, I give second chances, but that second time around you best believe I will question everything you do until I gain your trust back. Why do you want to be in a relationship where you have to be looking at his text messages each time he takes a shower or checking his Facebook messenger while he’s sleeping? I know girls who have had to do this. I want to be in a relationship where I whole-heartedly, 100%, trust my significant other and don’t have to worry for ONE second if they are telling me the truth. I can honestly say I am in a relationship where I have never doubted Morgan or anything he has said to me and I have Jesus to thank for that. Thankful for a man who knows what it means to be true and honest.

6.    Caring – “serious attention; solicitude; heed; caution.” This is a super broad word to use, but I am going to anyways. By the word caring, I mean someone who honestly cares about your feelings and who values you above any other person. You can find many “caring” people out there but once you are in a relationship it becomes different. You have a whole new person you have to listen to their hurts and actually CARE for them and not just give advice or tell them what you would do in that situation.

7.    Personality – “the visable aspect of one’s character as it impresses others.” Come on girls, you don’t want to take some dull dude home to your parents do you?! You want someone who is full of life and excited about the future with you! Get yourself someone you can always laugh with and cry with. Someone who will constantly keep your attention and make each day better than the one before.

8.    Listener – “to give attention with the ear; attend closely for the purpose of hearing.” Doesn’t it feel good to have someone who listens to you when you have a bad day or when someone says something mean to you. Everyone needs someone to vent to. What I {and you shouldn’t either} is someone who just brushes you off and acts like they never heard a word you just said. You want someone who will listen with all attention on YOU {and not on their phone}.  If you don’t got this girl, you need to upgrade ;).

9.    Sense of Humor – “a comic, absurd, or incongruous quality causing amusement.” Ok, well you don’t want to be dating a clown, but you do want someone who will have fun with life and not be so serious all the time. This one kind of goes alone with personality. You want someone who will keep you laughing and make a bad day better. You want someone who will make light of a deep dark subject. But also, you don’t want someone who is never serious. Make sure there’s a good balance.

10.  Loving – “feeling or showing love; warmly affectionate; fond.” I don’t know about you, but I love love. I love being in love. I love my love story and all the relationships that have brought me to Morgan. I love the love that Morgan has shown me in our time together. Find someone who will always show you LOVE no matter the situation. You mess up…he still loves you. You say something mean to him…he still loves you. You spent a little too much money at Target…he still loves you ;). Just find someone who makes loving them so easy girlfriend! You life will be so much better.


So that’s my list. You don’t have to listen to me or want these things in a man, but I can tell you that these things will bring you a great man. Your relationship will be so fun and entertaining. Let me tell ya this girl, you DESERVE the best man & if you don’t have that in your current relationship, Jesus has someone special saved for you. I waited 25 long years for Morgan. I am not married to him but I see myself with him for the rest of my life and I can’t imagine my life without him. But those 25 years were hard. So many times I thought I found “the one” to only be heart broken in the end {well not all of them ended in heart break…some were a relief to be done with ;)}. But save your heart for that special guy that deserves it and has earned it. I love y’all.