the girl next door

the girl next door – the exact way I want to be described to someone. “The girl that is nice to everyone and cares about others needs, is beautiful without makeup on and her hair all done up, the perfect girl to bring home to your parents, the girl who makes a really great friend, and the girl who is so beautiful yet so modest about it.” All of those things define “the girl next door”.


 I think social media can give us the wrong view of someone. You don’t really know someone until you meet them in person and spend a little time with them. I wanted to write a little post here about the things that define me and make up my life. Some things you might not know about me and others are very evident in my life through my social media pages.


1.)   Faith – my faith in Jesus Christ is something that I think you can tell through my social media pages. It is most important to me and a daily reminder that this world is not our home. One day Jesus will come back and take us home with Him to live in eternity with Him.

2.)   Family – my family is very important to me. I have grown up in a Christian home my whole life (yes I still live at home, yes you should try it, it’s SO CHEAP!). We were homeschooled until high school and then went on to a small Christian school (graduated with 17 kids in my class lol). I am one of 6 kids, 3 girls then came 3 boys (yes, I know, we are the brady bunch!). We are a very close family and spend lots (and lots and lots) of time together.

3.)   Losing my dad – he went to be with the Lord early in 2015 (scroll down to see the full story). I think the loss of dad made me realize that life is SO quick. It can end in the blink of an eye. You need to express your love to those around you every day because we never know when our last day is. It made me more sensitive to others who have lost their dad or someone close to them.

4.)   Fashion – I LOVE CLOTHES. I loooove everything to do with fashion! I wish I would have gone to some kind of fashion design school. I envy girls that have a booming blog site and get all the free clothes from companies just for wearing their clothes. What are some of your favorite “small town” companies/instagrams to buy cute clothes from?!...but then again at the same time I like to wear leggings 24/7 lol anybody with me?! Jeans are just so much work!

5.)   Anxiety – I am filled with fear. It is something I have struggled with for a while. I have extreme anxiety and have no idea where it came from. I plan to write a blog post later on about it in full detail because it’s far too long for this little piece.

6.)   Beauty – I love all things hair, makeup, and nails. I want to go to cosmetology school so bad.! I love watching youtube videos on how to do certain hair styles or learn new makeup tricks.

7.)   Fitness – I have been active in sports, gyms, or workout places since I was like 5 haha. I played sports until I was about 20 years old. I loved it so much. Throughout those years I played basketball, soccer, volleyball, cross country, and once did a cheerleading camp (what was I thinking?!). Working out is so much harder when you have to do it on your own haha can I get an amen?!

8.)   Clogging – no, not like the wodden shoes!! Lol. That’s what everyone thinks when I tell them I clog haha. It is a type of folk dance and you wear taps on your shoes. Youtube it to see how it works.! I first got into because we go to Kentucky to see my mom’s family. Every Friday and Saturday at Hoedown Island you can participate, and I never knew how to do it but enjoyed watching others. So one summer I was determined to find a place around here where I could learn how to “Clog”. I FOUND A PLACE!! Even though it is an hour drive each way every Thursday night for practice along with many performances throughout the summer at fairs, festivals, and events it is soooo worth it!! It’s seriously some of the most fun I have ever had! So if anyone wants to join just let me know ;).

9.)   Love – I love love stories. (they are most definitely my favorite category of movie to watch.) I love to hear the whole story of how people met, started dating, got engaged, got married. All of it! It’s makes me excited for when I am married and can share my story with other people as well (don’t worry, that’s a long time off ;)). I love hand written notes because they mean so much more and you can keep going back and reading them over and over again. Just cute sweet little things that mean so much.

10.)                Traveling – I love to travel! Whether it’s a short road trip or a flight across the country I am up for it! I have been able to see many beautiful things throughout the US but have never been out of the country yet – I hope to someday! I have been to at least half of the states if not more, but want to visit all of them for sure! I will post an entry at a later date sharing experiences from each state I have been to! (my most recent post is about one of my trips to Oregon – check it out!)


So after I wrote this whole post I can’t decide if these are the top 10 things that really define me but they are definitely at the top of the list! I will probably write another post at a later date because things like this can change from day to day – right?!


I hope you enjoy and would LOVE to hear some of the things that make up the beautiful person you are as well :)).