on some beach.

It’s summa time baby.!! Have you looked at the weather lately? It’s supposed to be gorgeous for the next 10 days!! Except, maybe rain one day…but how perfect?! What better time to take a vacation?!


My family and I have a vacation at one of our favorite spots on Lake Michigan this summer and we are so excited! It is a special place to us because we used to go as a family when my dad was still alive. (I can’t remember exactly, but I don’t think we have been since summer of 2012.) Another family used to go with us as well and we always had the best time. It’s on a private beach and we hardly ever see anyone else out there. It’s hidden back in the woods and steps from the shore. And there’s an ice cream place a mile or 2 down the beach. What could be better?!


I am so looking forward to this vacation! I made a list of 5 things I want to do/improve while I am on vacation and shared them with you here…


1.    Make lots of memories – I was just talking with the other girls that we used to go with this morning and how much fun it was to be up there together. I think spending time with family and friends is such a great thing and we are pretty good at it. We all have a lot of the same interests and the beach is definitely one of them. It will be different and hard to make memories without dad there with us, but I know that he is happy for us and will be watching over us.

2.    See a sunrise – I don’t think this will be very hard considering we will be up there for a whole week…I just have to be determined to get up before that dang sun rises at like 6am haha.

3.    Go for a run on the beach – is it not like the hardest thing to run in sand?! If you say no then you’re lying haha. I will say it’s one of the best workouts ever, but very hard. So we will go for it and see what happens haha.

4.    Read 2 books – I think reading is one of the best things you can do for yourself and what better way to do then lying on the beach and getting a tan?! I have many books that I have yet to read…I just need to decide which 2 to take!

5.    NOT eat tons of junk food – it’s bound to happen every time you go on vacation, am I right? It’s just so hard to eat good when there are so many new and delicious places around you! And who wants to eat carrots and broccoli while sitting on the beach?? Uh, hello Pringles and Sweet tarts! Sooo, we will try and see what happens.


That about sums up my list! I am looking forward to a couple days in the sun and just enjoying time on the beach. God is so awesome and such a magnificent creator…His beaches are one of my favorite things. My dad looooved the beach – I think I got it from him :). We will miss him terribly but I can’t wait to make memories with my family I still have left here to do life with!  I love y’all.