West Coast - Best Coast

I just love to travel! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then I am sure you can tell! I have been to all parts (but not states) of the country besides the East Coast - which I am dying to get out there soon.! My cousin got married and moved out to Oregon where her husband was living prior to them getting married. Our families grew up together and we have always gotten along so it is fun to go out there and visit them! My first trip out there was a little over a year ago with 4 of her sisters/sister in law. We had a great time and I knew it wouldn't be my last trip out there. I went again, alone,  in November of last year and then me and my sister just went out there 2 weeks ago. It was her first time and she loved it just as much!

Along with these 10 things there are may other things to do. We made a campfire on the beach, visited lookout points along the highway, and went to cute restaurants. This trip was cool because for the first time I saw Elk, a baby seal, and a black BEAR!! It was so cool! The bear ran right across the road in front of us (scary haha) and the Elk stared at us from a distance. We spend most of our time in Seaside, Cannon Beach, & Astoria, Oregon even though they are all gorgeous! I suggest a week vaca to Oregon to everyone!

Read below for a list of fun things to add to your agenda!

  1. Coffee Girl {Astoria, OR} – trust me when I tell you this is the cutest coffee place on the West Coast!! I have gone here each time I have visited Oregon! It has coffee (obvi), bagels, sandwiches, shirts, coffee mugs you can purchase, & the prettiest view of the Columbian River. I HIGHLY suggest this place to anyone and everyone – even if you don’t like coffee!! Also, you can walk 5 minutes down the path along the river and find a bridge that walks you out to a pile of sea lions. There are at least 100 sea lions laying on these docks in the water. They just lay there and plop in and out of the water along with squawking their loud sound all day. It’s actually really cool to just watch them.! {thecoffeegirl.com}

  2. North Head Lighthouse {Ilwaco, WA} – such beauty and history here. It has a great lookout point and you hike a little trail up to the top and then you get there and the beauty is unreal. You can see for miles along the shore each way and the way the water crashes against the rocks astounds me. I could just stand up there all day and watch wave after wave roll in.

  3. Doe & Arrow {Astoria, OR} – so my sister and I didn’t buy anything here but it was SO cute. It was a local shop and the owner was adorable and had the cutest style. She was nice and welcomed us, asked where we were from, and asked about our trip. I would compare the store to Urban Outfitters except cuter and didn’t have the vulgar books/notepads/accessories that Urban does. You are not able to purchase clothes on their website currently, but the girl said that is her fall project. But you can still check out their website here. DO IT!! {doeandarrow.com}

  4. Dead Man’s Cove – {Ilwaco, WA} – beauty upon beauty. The waves are HUGE and I have visited this place all 3 times I visited the West Coast. You hike a small (but treacherous) hike down a beaten path. You get to the bottom and you are surrounded by huge rocks and trees. This past visit me and my sister actually got to see a baby seal on the shore once we hiked down! It was a neat experience and it was so adorable laying there in the sand just flopping around. You can also hike around the cove up above (where the beginning of the trail is that takes you down to the cove) and there are lookout points as well. This is a fun hike with some hills. It takes you up to the “house” where the Coast Guard is sitting and watching the water. It’s super neat!

  5. Public Market Center/Pike Place Market {Seattle, WA} – I have always seen this market in movies and shows but I had never been. November of last year was my first time and I loved it! They had BEAUTIFUL flowers. They had fresh fish and octopus right from the water there in the store. It was actually gross to see them and they looked alive still haha. There were numerous guys playing the guitar that made for a fun atmosphere. They have many vendors selling their homemade items. Even if you don’t buy anything, I suggest you go just for the experience! {pikeplacemarket.org}

  6. Blue Star Donuts {Portland, OR} – BEST DONUTS EVER.! They literally have so many kinds to choose from (make sure you go early in the day before they get low/run out). They have unique kinds and normal kinds. The store is so stinking cute on the inside. The workers are super helpful and love their job (or seem to haha)! There is always a line when I have been there because they are just that good! {bluestardonuts.com}

  7. Sesame + Lilies {Cannon Beach, OR} – I also never bought anything here (hard to get a house item home on the plane lol). But, it has tons of pretty and nautical items for your home. There are so many rooms to walk in and out of. Everything you could imagine for your home is in this store. I know why the homes on the West Coast are so cute! {sesameandlilies.com}

  8. Haystack Rock {Cannon Beach, OR} – the town of Cannon Beach is adorable itself. It has so many cute shops, restaurants, and coffee shops. It’s is right on the water and you can walk for miles along the beach. Beautiful homes sit along the shore that have gorgeous lookout views. Haystack Rock is a site I have seen on all my trips. It doesn’t look that big from the road, but once you get out to it, it is HUGE. Waves crash along the bottom of it and birds fly around it. I believe, you can walk into a cave inside of it if the tide has not come in – but I have not been that adventurous yet lol. I would hate to get smashed but one of the gigantic waves! This is just something to do if you want to be outside and walk along the beach.

  9. Street 14 Café {Astoria, OR} – my most recent trip was my first time I visited this café. It has a variety of coffee drinks, sandwiches, salads, & many pastries to pick from. It has a welcoming feel to it. The girl working there was super sweet and helped me and my sister with a smile on her face. I had a delicious ham sandwich and my sister had the French toast. It is a cute place to sit and have lunch and enjoy the sunshine.! {street14coffee.com}

  10. Multnomah Falls {Oregon} – the falls are absolutely BEAUTIFUL from top to bottom. You can see the top of them from the ground and you can hike a winding trail all the way to the top. There are certain lookout points along the trail that display more beauty of mountains, trees, and water. Even though you have to drive through some VERY winding roads to get to them (cue car sickness), it’s totally worth it in the end.


These, in my opinion, are a few of the best things on the West Coast that I have seen so far. I definitely plan to go back at out and explore California along with more of Washington & Oregon! I would suggest traveling out there to anyone and everyone! You won’t regret it :))