Bob Dunbar. Dad. Husband. Hero. {part 2}

This morning as I drove to my 5am workout session the song “Good Good Father” came on the radio. When I got home I looked through my emails and saw my daily devotional email titled “Jesus my Peace”. We have little blessings and reminders every day of our lives but we are so busy being sad about the bad and hurtful things that we forget to notice the blessings. These 2 things were blessings to start my day.

Hopefully you read my post yesterday about my dad. I wanted to explain the whole story so you understood. I wish all of you could have known my dad. He would have bought you a meal or cup of coffee I promise you that. He was so knowledgeable about everything. You could ask him anything and if he didn’t know the answer he would Google it on his mini iPad. He took care of his family. He worked so hard. He enjoyed the beach and napping. He loved his bagel and coffee on Sunday mornings before church.

Sunday, February 1, 2015 he skipped his weekly bagel and coffee before church. He stayed home to shovel the driveway so his wife and kids could get out and go to church. It’s then that a massive heart attack took his life. He entered the gates of heaven that day and I wish I could have seen the joy on his face because he waited for that for a long time. He was a devoted Christian. He loved his Jesus. The blessings that day were happening too – I just didn’t realize them until after a couple months. He could have been driving on his way to church and had a heart attack and wrecked into someone else. All of us kids were still at home and able to be there while the tragedy unfolded. I consider those blessings because we got to be at his side as he passed from this life onto the next.

I want to share with you today some sad and some happy things. Some things that I want to remember forever about my dad. Some things that I will miss him being here on earth for.

10 things I will never forget about dad:

1.     The way he took care of and served his family before himself his whole life.

2.     The way he scrunched his forehead when he drank his hot coffee.

3.     Without a doubt he would say, “good job!” and offer to carry our bag after any sporting event we had.

4.     He had about 100 white/grey/black undershirts that he wore all the time.

5.     He always yelled, “what a yo yo!” at bad drivers haha.

6.     He always brought mom and us girls chocolate candy and a card on Valentine’s Day.

7.     The way he kneeled on the floor beside my bed the night my boyfriend broke up with me and started praying for me. He had his hand on my leg and got half way through the prayer and started crying. He loved me so much that it hurt him to see me hurt. Reminds me so much of Jesus and the love He has for us.

8.     He loved to take us to new restaurants he found while out driving around one day.

9.     His famous text to us kids was “Where at? What doing?”

10.  The way his breath would smell like mouthwash when he came to tell us goodnight when we were little.

I know there are many many other things that I miss about dad but that’s a good short list for now.!

10 things I will never forget about February 1, 2015:

1.     The load of snow we had outside.

2.     The blaring sirens and red flashing lights as the ambulance, police car, & fire truck pulled up in front of our house.

3.     The amount of people that came to our house that day to be with us, cry with us, pray with us.

4.     Dad lying on the kitchen floor with us 7 kids and mom sitting right beside him praying our last prayer and saying our last words before he was taken away from us forever.

5.     The fear in my mind of “what on earth am I going to do? I am not supposed to lose my dad at the age of 24. I still need him! I need his help!”

6.     I will never ever forget our neighbor, friend, & police officer Mr. Young performing CPR on dad and seeing him take his last few breaths as his eyes were rolling around and he struggled to breath.

7.     Seeing mom on her knees screaming at dad to stay alive, that help was on the way, that he could make it.

8.     All of us kids sitting in the living room staring at each other in disbelief, crying because we didn’t know where to go from here.

9.     Standing outside in the freezing cold calling one of dad’s best friends, Jody Martinez, and saying “Coach…he died, he didn’t make it.”

10.  Going to bed that night thinking this was all a horrible dream and that I would wake up the next day and life would be normal again.

I am glad to have these memories. Makes telling the story about my dad easier and people can understand it a little better. But nothing about this day will ever be the best day of my life. I know it was the best day of dad’s life and for that I am forever thankful!

10 things I wish dad were here for:

1.     To approve {or disapprove lol} of the guy I choose to spend life with.

2.     To help and direct me in ways that I should live my life to honor Jesus.

3.     To be here for my brothers. No boy should grow up without a father to lead them. I pray for my brothers who are 16, 18, & 20 who have no earthly father figure in their life anymore.

4.     To be here for my mom. Breaks my heart to know that she has to finish this life on her own. No husband here to support and direct her. But she is strong, she will overcome it and be with dad in heaven again someday.

5.     To be here when I buy my first house or a new car and help with all the financial situations.

6.     To be here when I (Lord willing) have grandchildren for him to hold, love, and cherish.

7.     Having him around for the holidays and major life events.

8.     To be here for me and my sisters because every girl needs that dad that promises to love her no matter how bad she messes up.

9.     To be here and shine a light for Jesus to others because this world so desperately needs it.

10.  And lastly, to walk me down the aisle as I wear a beautiful white dress, tears running down our faces, and hand me over to the man who promises to love and protect me just like my dad did.

I know time heals everything but I think as I live each day it gets harder because there are things I wish I could tell my dad. Things that he would be so proud about.

This won’t be the last post about my dad I can promise you that. I could write something new about him every day. But I will leave you with this and hope that you get a great picture of the loving husband and father that he was to us. Let your life leave a legacy like his did. I hope people talk about me when I’m gone like they have about my dad. If you live your life for Jesus I can guarantee they will.

I love all your beautiful faces. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. Encourage someone. Tell someone you love them. And live your life to fullest because you never know when Jesus will decide to take you home to bigger and better things than this earth.

Amor, Emma