life lately.

Where to start. There have been so many exciting things happening in my life recently!

First off, many of you {or probably all of you} know that I got engaged in March to my sweet sweet love, Morgan. Well we are getting married in August! So many people freaked out when I told them this because it was so soon from the time we got engaged. Yes, it is only 5 months, but when you have been dating for a year and a half, know you have found the one you want to be with forever, live 4.5 hours apart…might as well get married! ;) So, there has been a lot going on with that and getting things prepared. All I have ever heard is “planning a wedding is so stressful” and to be honest I have not stressed one bit about the wedding! There are so many details that go into it, but it has been fun for me.

A little back story. Our family used to live next to my uncle and he had a gorgeous barn that he would hold parties in and there would be 700-900 people there at once. My uncle moved and then we moved some time later. I have not been in the barn for over 15 years. I was driving by it one day before we got engaged and I wanted to get married in it so badly. So, I posted on Instagram that I wanted to get married in there if anyone could get me connected with the owners. Long story short, we are getting married in that barn!!! I am so grateful to the owners and all the work they have put into fixing up the barn for our wedding. They have been SO nice through everything and even let me store decorations in the barn for the past couple months.

The next exciting thing happening is that we bought a house!! Well, Morgan did haha I was there for moral support ;). We went through the whole process of buying or renting and we looked at a couple cute places and then decided on purchasing a house! Morgan worked very hard at getting everything together to purchase a house and do all the paperwork. We should be getting into the house by the first or second week of August and I am SO excited! I have been moving stuff up and storing it in Morgan’s house until we get our house…I’m glad his parents are kind enough to let me fill their basement until we move into the house ;).

Other than that I have just been packing lots of stuff and getting ready to move. I have never lived out on my own so I am super excited to have a house of my own and make it a home. I am excited to be starting a new chapter in life with Morgan. We are so happy and ready to be married and start our life together! When we got engaged Morgan was working as a floor nurse on night shifts and we were a little worried about that and me being home alone at night right after we got married. Morgan kept saying he wanted to be on day shift so I was not alone at night 3 days a week. {I told his mom I would be coming over to stay the night if that was the case haha}. But, Morgan is such a hard worker and got a promotion last month and will be a nurse manager on the day shift Monday-Friday. The Lord has truly blessed us & it’s just one more exciting thing to add to our marriage!

I am so sad to be leaving my mom and family and everything I know here in Indiana. But I am SO excited to start a new beginning with Morgan and all the exciting things to come ahead for us! I am a person that fears change but when I know the change is to help me and not harm me then I am ok and ready for it. I believe God will help Morgan and I build a relationship that is honoring to Him and make so many good memories together. I am excited for the adventures ahead for us!

Thank you for reading and I look forward to keeping you all up to date on the future ahead. I am hoping to blog A LOT more once we get into our house and get settled. I want to share about our marriage, house, and new life together. We will be redoing parts of our house, yard, barn and I want to keep you all in the loop with it all!

P.S. we have engagement pictures coming soon as well so I am looking forward to sharing those with you all as well!! :)

the old me.

I miss the old me.

I miss the life I lived before I let anxiety take over and control my life.

He stole every bit of joy I had in me.

I let it take me away from going to work out every night.

I let it take over my mind and thoughts, leaving no room for ideas for my blog.

I let it take place of good sleep & instead am stuck with little spurts of sleep here and there at night.

I let it take over my “fun” I would have with friends. Anxiety was my “friend” that just wanted to stay in on a Friday night.

I let it tell me when I would go to church and when I should just stay home.

I let it tell me EVERY step I was taking.

And then Jesus stepped in one night at Target…He is always forcing me to go there ;).

 You may have heard this story before, but, I ran into my old high school gym teacher and she asked me how everything was going. I lied and said, “good” because I didn’t want to tell her about my anxiety because it’s embarrassing…am I right?

 If you have or had anxiety, you know it’s hard to come out and tell others about it. Depends on what it is I guess, but for most of us it’s hard to tell someone you are terrified of something so ridiculous…like throwing up. I have NO clue where my anxiety came from because I have never had an embarrassing moment or anything to make me this way. I used to think “WHY do I have this anxiousness about throwing up when I have never had an awkward experience?” and theeeeen I remembered where it came from…Satan himself. {Dang you, Satan. You evil evil person.} He does not care if you have had the most perfect life, he will try to kill, steal, & destroy just to make your life miserable. Can you imagine living like that? Doing everything in your power to outdo Jesus and make someone else miserable…like what? Why?

 And then just when I hit rock bottom, Jesus sent one of his faithful servants my way. {the lady I was talking about earlier}. She gave me just what I needed to rekindle the flame with Jesus and get back to where I was before, where I needed to be in order to improve my life.

 Often times, or all the time, growing up I would take the Bible for granted and read it because I had to for class or because I was in church. I never really understood it (because hello, New Kings James version), and I don’t know about you but if I am reading something and I don’t understand it I just read it really fast or stop. That’s what I did. I never put in the effort or tried to understand what Jesus was saying to me. Then came along ESV and MSG version…thank you Jesus. Then there were these little spiral rings with note cards wrapped around them just ready to be used and each week I would write a new little Bible verse on there just begging to be read and memorized for the sake of saving my life. & I can tell you with my whole honest heart, it really did. All because I ran into Mrs. D at Target that night, she directed me to this spiral {along with soooo many other things} and my life started to turn around.

 Now don’t get too excited for me {because I know you were doing a happy dance} but my anxiety didn’t go away in the blink of an eye. She told me “Emma this will take time. You will not see change right away, but if we meet each week, you will start to see a change…you just have to put in the effort.” She has never lied to me. So that cold December night I took my spiral home and wrote a note to myself in the front so that I would see it each time before I read my memory verse.

 “December 7, 2015

 Here’s to a new & improved life. Can’t wait to see where these verses take me. Read them daily. They will help you. God will help you. Love your life & worry less.

                                                                          Love, the fully fear filled Emma”

 I had no clue what I was writing that night or how these verse would affect me. All I knew was that I trusted Mrs. D and if it was God’s Word then it HAD to help me in one way or another. I was desperate, I would try anything. So I wrote that first verse in there that she gave me.

 Hebrews 4:12: “For the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”

 I never want to lose this spiral. I want to remember where I started and where I have come to. I have used it so much that the sides of the note cards are getting dirty and bent and a few spots where tears have fallen into my lap on nights where I am sitting on the kitchen door by the garage, begging Jesus to take these vicious thoughts out of my heart and head.

 I can’t tell you the difference I see in my life. I have come SO far, but have so far to go. But doesn’t it feel good when you see some change? That’s me right now. So even though Satan is trying to fight and pull me in his direction, I have my buried my feet in faith in Jesus and I am not letting him pull me out. The only way I will let me feet come off the ground is when I fly home to Jesus and join dad in heaven.

 If you are suffering with anxiety, write me! I would love more than anything to talk about it and tell you a few things that have helped me. Through all your anxiety, if nothing else, just know that JESUS LOVES YOU and is ALWAYS listening no matter the day or hour. Even if no one else is listening, He is.


10 qualities every girl deserves.

As I began my 4.5 hour journey home from Morgan’s yesterday I was doing a lot of thinking. I think a lot when I am in the car. I dream about what life will be like in the years to come, how successful I can become in my little side businesses, & how I want to do my hair for work the next day {you think I’m kidding lol}.

 As I went flying down the highway I was thinking of all the sweet memories we made over the weekend. We went blueberry picking, rode a 4-wheeler, made dinner together, did face masks, & just enjoyed being with each other. Long distance is not for the weak, that is one thing I have learned. I can be independent and I keep busy with work, but there are days I just want to eat dinner together spur of the moment or go for a walk around the lakes at ND.

 I was thinking of all the things I love about Morgan. To make a relationship work you have to have similarities & differences. We have both. But we work with it, we learn from each other and make things work out how they are supposed to. I cannot sit here and say one thing I dislike about Morgan {I guess that’s a good thing ;)} but for real, I know so many people in relationships that can’t stand the person they are dating. Why be in a relationship with them then? You deserve to be happy!

 I wanted to write the top 10 things I believe every girl should want {and DESERVES} in a guy.


1.    Christ-like – this one is SO important to me. This is most definitely the top quality I have always looked for in guys. I say Christ-like instead of Christian because so many people call themselves Christians but don’t live out their lives as one. I want a man who will pray with me every morning & one who will love me as Christ loves His people when they mess up. This may not seem THAT important at the beginning of a relationship because people can seem “nice” but when times get tough and you continue to grow together, you will see the other side of that person. I want mine to be the same person in the good times and bad – and that would be leading me closer to Christ in everything we do.

2.    Supportive – “giving support; providing sympathy or encouragement.” Isn’t it hard to do “big” things in life without the support of your loved ones? I always ask Morgan “what should I do?” when I have to decide on something {ok maybe everything} but you want the input of the ones who matter most to you. This one is super important to me because I don’t want to decide where to live, where to work, when to have kids, where to put kids in school without the support of my husband one day. It feels good when they are 100% behind you in your decision. I like that a lot. In turn, you should also be their biggest supporter.

3.    Leader – “a person or thing that leads.” I really saw this in my dad. He led our family for all 60 of his years here on earth. He was so great at providing for our family, loving our family, loving my mom, & working hard to do what he had to do. I want this in my husband as well. I want someone who will guide and direct me. I need someone who is beside me each day in life and leading me from one thing to the next. This also plays a large part of your spiritual life. You should want someone who is making you a better person each day and challenging you to become the best you can be.

4.    Faithful – “steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant.” This is HUGE. What is the point in being in a relationship with someone who is being unfaithful to you? There is none. I see so many marriages or relationships fall apart because one or the other is unfaithful. How could you tear your significant other apart because you wanted something in that moment that ruined your whole relationship? I have never been in this situation and I pray that I never will be. I hurt for those of you who have been destroyed by someone you loved.

5.    Trustworthy – “deserving the trust or confidence; dependable; reliable.” So trust. I feel like this is one of the first things broken in a relationship. You just met this person! How in the world are you supposed to know if they are telling you the truth or if they are making themselves look good just to win your heart? For me, I give second chances, but that second time around you best believe I will question everything you do until I gain your trust back. Why do you want to be in a relationship where you have to be looking at his text messages each time he takes a shower or checking his Facebook messenger while he’s sleeping? I know girls who have had to do this. I want to be in a relationship where I whole-heartedly, 100%, trust my significant other and don’t have to worry for ONE second if they are telling me the truth. I can honestly say I am in a relationship where I have never doubted Morgan or anything he has said to me and I have Jesus to thank for that. Thankful for a man who knows what it means to be true and honest.

6.    Caring – “serious attention; solicitude; heed; caution.” This is a super broad word to use, but I am going to anyways. By the word caring, I mean someone who honestly cares about your feelings and who values you above any other person. You can find many “caring” people out there but once you are in a relationship it becomes different. You have a whole new person you have to listen to their hurts and actually CARE for them and not just give advice or tell them what you would do in that situation.

7.    Personality – “the visable aspect of one’s character as it impresses others.” Come on girls, you don’t want to take some dull dude home to your parents do you?! You want someone who is full of life and excited about the future with you! Get yourself someone you can always laugh with and cry with. Someone who will constantly keep your attention and make each day better than the one before.

8.    Listener – “to give attention with the ear; attend closely for the purpose of hearing.” Doesn’t it feel good to have someone who listens to you when you have a bad day or when someone says something mean to you. Everyone needs someone to vent to. What I {and you shouldn’t either} is someone who just brushes you off and acts like they never heard a word you just said. You want someone who will listen with all attention on YOU {and not on their phone}.  If you don’t got this girl, you need to upgrade ;).

9.    Sense of Humor – “a comic, absurd, or incongruous quality causing amusement.” Ok, well you don’t want to be dating a clown, but you do want someone who will have fun with life and not be so serious all the time. This one kind of goes alone with personality. You want someone who will keep you laughing and make a bad day better. You want someone who will make light of a deep dark subject. But also, you don’t want someone who is never serious. Make sure there’s a good balance.

10.  Loving – “feeling or showing love; warmly affectionate; fond.” I don’t know about you, but I love love. I love being in love. I love my love story and all the relationships that have brought me to Morgan. I love the love that Morgan has shown me in our time together. Find someone who will always show you LOVE no matter the situation. You mess up…he still loves you. You say something mean to him…he still loves you. You spent a little too much money at Target…he still loves you ;). Just find someone who makes loving them so easy girlfriend! You life will be so much better.


So that’s my list. You don’t have to listen to me or want these things in a man, but I can tell you that these things will bring you a great man. Your relationship will be so fun and entertaining. Let me tell ya this girl, you DESERVE the best man & if you don’t have that in your current relationship, Jesus has someone special saved for you. I waited 25 long years for Morgan. I am not married to him but I see myself with him for the rest of my life and I can’t imagine my life without him. But those 25 years were hard. So many times I thought I found “the one” to only be heart broken in the end {well not all of them ended in heart break…some were a relief to be done with ;)}. But save your heart for that special guy that deserves it and has earned it. I love y’all.

ipsy glam bag review.

So here I am to give y’all my review on my ipsy glam bag for the month of July! {click on picture to purchase item.}


I got 5 items and I love all of them! I will put my rating next to each item. {scale is 1-10}.


I am just going to review the items and not make this post super long. {because I have an acai bowl to make and eat haha}.


1.    Too Faced Mascara {10/10}

This is a FAB mascara! When I posted my Instagram story, so many people replied to me and said how much they love it & I totally agree! It gives great length along with lots of fullness on your eyelashes. I need that because my lashes seem to be too thin with just regular mascara. I like to put 2 coats on of this as well. I say it’s definitely a product I can see myself purchasing.

2.    Nomad Illuminated Highlighting Powder {9/10}

This product is something that I have been looking for. I have a good highlighter now, but trying out this new one was awesome. It gives great “highlight” and makes your cheek bones pop. I would suggest this product. {I could not find this product anywhere online except for ebay.}

3.    Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance Mat Toner {10/10}

Toner’s are MY THANG. I cannot go to bed at night without putting my toner on {even though I do sometimes and I wake up the next day with a zit haha}. I have very oily skin and any toner definitely helps keep my skin from getting zits. If you don’t already use a toner, I would DEFINITELY suggest it! This one was super great because it’s a mattifying toner. Heck yeah! So yes, I highly suggest this product!

4.    Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner {7/10}

I hardly ever wear eyeliner so this was not one of my top items. I did like how smooth it went on my eyelid and how skinny the brush was {hence “skinny” on the bottle lol}. So yeah, if you are a liner girl then I suggest this product!

5.    Hanalei Lip Treatment {Rose} {10/10}

THIS IS AMAZING!!!! This was by far my favorite product in the whole bag! I looooove how it looks on and how amazing it made my lips feel. Mine is Rose color and I loved the little pink color it gave my lips. It also stays on for a long time. I looked it up and it is out of stock on their website but you can find it Amazon. You can also enter your email on the web page and they will let you know when the product is back in stock. But this product is a 100% YES!


Let me know if any of you guys try these products! I would love to know what you think of them! Thank you for reading! Enjoy your weekend J

top 5 beauty favs.

Hello all you beautiful people! The weather has been SO gorgeous lately & I am super excited.

 I have no idea how to start this post haha…I have been sitting here for so long trying to figure out what to say. & the post is not about anything that important…it’s literally about my top 5 favorite beauty items I use haha. So yep, there’s the introduction.

 Often times I feel like the world/internet/people tell us that we NEED the best products for our face. Products that are $50-$100 just to zap a pimple or to soften our lips…I am not about that at all. I think some “off-brand” products will do the exact same thing. Now I do agree that there are some products that you should have in order to get the best results. If I see good results, I will spend the money.

 So I am here to share with you my “off-brand” products that have been my life savers & I don’t have to spend much money on them…AT ALL!

 {to purchase any products I talk about below…click on the “purchase here” tab right below the item!}


1.    This one is so literally the BEST I can’t even tell you how much I love it. I have been using this toner for soooooo many years! I even used it in high school…that was 8 years ago lol yikes. But, I cannot go a day without it or I can feel the difference in my skin. It is more oily & a pimple is on the verge of popping up at any second haha. So yes, if you have not tried this before…GO BUY IT! It’s literally under $5. {I have bought mine at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, & CVS}.

2.    I started using this one 2 weeks ago and LOVE it. I put it on every night before bed and it makes such a difference in the morning. I used to go to bed with super dry skin and it would hurt…but not anymore! This adds so much moisture and I even put it on my neck to keep those wrinkles away! {I bought mine at Target but also found it at Ulta}.

3.    Once or twice a week I will put this product on my hair before I go to bed. Yes, it feels SO oily and gross but I love the way it feels after I wash my hair in the morning. It’s super easy to just spray, braid, & go to bed. {I bought mine at Sally Beauty Supply}.

4.    2 words…LASH BOOST! This has seriously been my life saver & I am not exaggerating! So my friend sells Rodan+Fields & she told me I should try this. I was skeptical at first because everyone tries to “sell” their products…obviously. So I told her if I saw good results on her then I would try it too. OMG. I could not believe the way her lashes looked after only 4 weeks of putting a tiny bit of serum on her lashes each night before bed. So I bought it right away. I used to get eyelash extensions but it was getting so pricey for me…so I went to this & I am so incredibly happy with the results! This is definitely a pricier product, but like I said, if I see good results, I will pay the price. This is so so worth it you guys!  {message my friend by clicking the link below and she will provide the product for you}.

5.    I didn’t want to post about this product at first because I was embarrassed (thank you world for making us insecure about stuff we cannot control). But many other girls I know struggle with the little hairs above the lip (I can’t bring myself to call it a mustache on girls haha). So my dear friend Sonya told me about this product. I used to get it waxed but that would make me break out and I was tired of trying to hide it with makeup. So, I decided to try this and it is so much better than waxing! So if you are looking for something to remove those dang baby hairs above the lip…this is it! & it seriously takes 8 minutes…don’t tell me you don’t have time for that! {I bought mine at Target}.

Well there you go! Try out these products and let me know what you think of them. I would love to know if you see good results like I did. I have also been trying new “off-brand” makeup products that are working just as good as Urban Decay & Bare Minerals, so that post will be coming up soon as well.

 Thank you for reading & I hope this encourages you to try the “off-brands” even if it’s not the cool thing to do lol.

life lately.

WOW! I have not written on here in FOREVER!

Keeping up with my website has not been at the top of my list for the past couple months. I have been busy with other things & I just have not put the time into writing. I do love writing and posting about things that are on my heart for others to read about, but I let other things take up my time recently.

But, I really want to be more involved and write many more posts as we head into spring and the fabulous months of summer!

So this first post back is going to be about what I am doing with my life lately and the upcoming things that I have planned.

Soooo yeah, life lately.

I don’t know where to begin!

Ok, I guess we will start with most recent happenings in my life and the most important one to me…& that would be Morgan. He moved back home last weekend to study for the NLCEX and then begin his job up there. His hometown is 4.5 hours away. I hate that it is that far from me but I also LOVE going up to his town because it is so stinking cute! It’s seriously a Hallmark town. It is quiet and quaint with beautiful scenery all around. While I am sad he is back home & our time together will be more spread out and not as often as before…I am SO proud of him and all he has accomplished so far & I can’t wait to see how far he goes in his nursing career.

I currently work at a boutique store that has so many adorable clothes it’s hard to keep a paycheck ;). I have never worked retail & it is something special lol. Some days I wish I could say what I want…but the “customer is always right”…not fair haha. I guess I have never understood how rude people are until now. So yeah, I’ll just leave it at that :).

Next up, I am currently an independent distributor for a company calls SeneGence and the product I sell is called LipSense. IT. IS. AMAZING. If you have ever wanted a lip color {not lip stain} that lasts all day, this is your product! Definitely message me with any questions and I can help ya out! You won’t regret it, I promise!

Also, I am in LOVE with coffee & it’s not a good obsession haha. I could (& actually have) drank 3 Venti iced coffees in a day if I tried. Although that may not be a bad thing, I like my coffee with much cream and flavoring and sugar and all the goods haha so yeah. I have told myself coffee on the weekends (SMALL size only haha) and one day during the week,,,so far I have achieved! Nevermind that this is the first week haha but hey, you have to start somewhere! I also LOVE finding cute little coffee shops to sit at & write down journal entries or do my bible studies. So, if you have any good coffee shop suggestions or favorites then hit your girl up & let me know! & if you wanted to meet sometime for coffee & talk life, that would be even better!

So for those of you that don’t know, my dad passed away in 2015. He had a group of businessmen that met every Friday morning at Panera & just talked about life and prayed for each other and read books together. So I got this great idea that I wanted to do something like that with girls my age and just build a community of people to talk to. Welllllll, it hasn’t turned out as well as I thought. I think this is something that has helped me learn to trust in Jesus and not get discouraged. My lovely mentor has told me to try it for 6 months and not give up after 2 weeks if no one shows up. I named the group GEG Together (Girls Encouraging Girls Together) & thought it would be a great way to build relationships, so we will see what happens from here on out! I am super excited about it :).

Lastly, I have many goals set for the next couple of months of my life and I am super excited about them! I have been doing a regular work out routine that has been helping me in that area of life. And then I have also always had the idea of Cosmetology school in the back of my mind and I wanted to go when I graduated high school but didn’t. Haven’t stopped thinking about it since then…soooo I have some exciting news in that area but I do not want to post about them just yet because there is nothing set in stone. But as soon as something happens I will be sure to update you guys on that.! Just know that if I get licensed in that area of profession I better see all y’all’s pretty faces in the chair across from me ;).

I have many other goals written down to achieve as far as my website goes and the direction that I want to take it. So I will be keeping you guys updated on all of this and so much more! For now just drop me a comment or personal message on any topic that you want to hear me write about or give my opinion on!

Thank you all for reading my site, it means more to me than you know!

Have a great Sunday!

New Year's Improvements.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am having a great day today! Work went by really fast. It’s the start of a new year. I get to see Morgan & exchange Christmas gifts in 2 days. I’m drinking a white chocolate mocha. & I’m about to start a new book.

I hope you guys started out the New Year on the right foot also! Do any of you have some  New Year’s resolutions? If so, I hope you work hard at them every day & achieve them at the end of the year.! If not, you’re not alone. I don’t have any resolutions. I always start out the year thinking I will have a list of things I want to accomplish, & then when I give up or forget a couple weeks into the year, I feel like a failure. Nobody wants to feel like that! So this year I wanted to start the year with a new idea in mind. Something that is different from the norm …

New Year’s Improvements.

I have some things in my life that I want & need to improve. I like the sound of “improving” something because; if I miss a day I won’t feel like a complete failure and think I have to wait til January 1 of next year to begin again, I can just work harder the next day at improving whatever I missed the day before.

So I want to share a couple of the things I plan to improve as this year begins:

1.    My spiritual life. I think this is one of the most important things in your life to keep up with and it can improve each day – so I hope to be in the Word more and learning more about the things I don’t know.

2.    My workout routine. I have a hard time staying motivated when I just go to the gym and have to work out on my own. I enjoy workout classes but I haven’t found a place that works with my work schedule. I went to a dance fitness studio for a long time and saw results in no time, but the class times don’t work with my schedule. But, I just joined Planet Fitness last week {mainly because of the tanning hahaha…not kidding} so hopefully I will start improving! I also joined a fitness challenge group through Facebook that my cousin is doing & she got results and has really motivated me to get my booty going!

3.    My eating habits. I am allergic to many foods and it’s hard to stay away from them. I need to plan my meals better and eat healthier foods. I loooove sweets…like omg haha. I could live off of sweet foods. But I need to up my fruit & veggie intake. So if you have some good snack ideas with fruits & veggies – send them my way!

4.    My savings account. {LOL}. This is definitely something that needs improvement. I think it is important to have money saved in case of a medical emergency, car problems, or when you wanna buy 100 things for your boyfriend for Christmas…lol. So yeah, this one will be top of the improvement list!

5.    My blog. I love reading other people’s blogs - I get so many good ideas and inspirations. You can also learn a lot about someone through their blog. I love to learn about someone and their background through their blog. So, I am hoping to improve my audience and the amount of people that I reach through my blog & hope to be an inspiration.

6.    My health. Along with the working out and eating habits, I could also improve other things about my health. My sleep schedule is not good lol. I like to stay up late and then I either get up early & I’m exhausted, or I sleep in and waste half my day. So I need to work out getting a good amount of sleep each night. I also need to start taking vitamins. I don’t take any vitamins right now - except maybe some vitamin C when I feel a cold coming on lol. So I have been doing some research on the best type of vitamins to take.

7.    My anxiety. Anxiety is something that I have a major problem with and need to improve. I started out today, the new year, with no anxiety yet so I am hoping that means the rest of the year will be just as good! Now I know my anxiety isn’t just going to go away & I’ll never struggle again, but I am hoping to really understand my anxiety and prove to myself that I won’t let it eat me away and make 2017 a miserable year.

So there is my short little list for now. There are many other things I could improve in my life but I think that is a good start for now so I don’t overload myself. I am always open to suggestions or tips on these things and would love to hear them if you guys have any advice. I am super excited to get going on the fitness challenge tomorrow and see the results. I am going to Florida in March so I REALLY need to stay committed to this!

I hope you guys have some things that you are thinking about as the year is starting and whatever your goals may be that you go after them and just blow yourself away with the results that you get!

YOU GO GIRL! {or guy lol}.

Love ya’ll & hope to hear tips & tricks for my improvements from you soon.!

coffee. christmas. & conversation.

I love this time of year – Christmas! & I think Starbucks makes it so much better. There’s nothing like the snow falling outside, drinking a warm drink, & watching a Hallmark Christmas movie.

 I’m currently doing just that! {except the snow stopped falling..}

 Morgan is basking in the sun on a cruise right now & I’m dreading the -20 temps that are predicted for tomorrow…lol -20. I envy the sunshine & beaches he has enjoyed for the past couple days. I also miss him very much. I wrote a list of things to do while he was gone since we wouldn’t be hanging out & I wouldn’t be able to talk to him much besides a facebook message each night…I haven’t done one thing on my list yet haha oops {actually “write a blog post” was one of them so I guess this is my first, & probably only, accomplishment lol}.

 I was trying to think of things to write about and nothing was coming to mind. & then I remembered that I tried a few new drink recipes when I worked at Starbucks {for a hot second} & thought I would share them with you.!

 So…as I’m sitting here in one of Morgan’s {huge on me} baseball shirts {have you noticed I like talking about him?}, drinking my Starbucks, & watching a Hallmark {one I haven’t seen!!}, I want to share a few drink recipes that I think you should try.!

1.    Grande white chocolate mocha. 1 pump toffee nut. 2 scoops of vanilla bean powder steamed in with the milk. This is perfect if you like a sweet drink! {thanks to Kailey for this recipe & for spending 2 weeks training me at sbucks!}

2.    Grande vanilla bean frappuccino. Heavy whipping cream instead of milk. Add java chips. 1 extra scoop of vanilla bean powder. Carmel drizzle blended in & on top. THIS ONE IS SO GOOD!!! {thanks to Sean for being the best at making this one!}

3.    Venti Starbucks double shot over ice. Vanilla syrup instead of classic. A little bit of milk {of your choice}. & EXTRA carmel drizzle.

 So, there are 3 of my favorite drinks to get at Starbucks! You better hurry your little buns over to a Sbucks tomorrow on your way to work and try one of these! And if you do…you better tell me about it! I want your input & to see if we have the same taste :))

 I can’t believe we are ONE WEEK away from Christmas! I am so excited for this next week because Morgan comes home, I get to go to his family’s house for a couple days {& try a seafood boil for the first time that his mom will be making!}, visit Frankenmuth while I am up there, finish my Christmas shopping, spend time with my family, & watch more Hallmark movies {obvi!}.

 I pray all of you remember the real reason for this season and get to enjoy time with your family and loved ones. I love y’all & also pray for hurting hearts around this time of year when we will be celebrating without some of our favorite people around.

 Now go wrap your presents and jam out to your favorite Christmas tunes!

 P.S…did I mention we have always had a real Christmas tree?! Anybody else?!

Smalltown, USA

I wish I grew up in a small little town where everyone knew everyone and you all went to the same school growing up together. A town that has one gas station, a cute little diner, one salon, & a local coffee shop where you knew all the customers by name and their order. Instead, I have lived in a town where everything you need is right there at your finger tips – the mall, Starbucks, gas station, Notre Dame, grocery store, & every restaurant you can imagine. I don’t have to drive more than 15 minutes for anything I need (except to see my boo thang…but the extra 5 minute drive is worth it ;)).

2 weekends ago I was in Kentucky in a small little town that I love going to. My mom is from there and we go back quite often. The people there make life seem so simple. Sitting on the front porch, drinking Ale8, is what makes them happy. Everyone cooks for their guests that come over, you give a car ride to anyone in need, you know everyone at church, & you can choose between Subway & Dairy Queen for your fast food.

Going here gets me out of the hustle & bustle of the everyday life. You can see mountains and valleys for miles on the drive in. The roads are winding & it makes your ears pop. It’s just crazy to see how some mountains form and the amount of trees that grow in one part of the country – God has some amazing handiwork.

This past weekend I visited a small town in Michigan for the very first time. We arrived after dark so I didn’t get to see the town until Saturday morning - & when I got the “tour”, I loved it. I told Morgan I felt like I was in a Hallmark movie lol. It is your perfect definition of a small little country town with one stoplight & adorable shops up and down the street. The trees are in the process of turning colors so it was absolutely beautiful! {we obvi had to take some pics ;)}.

Along with seeing the town that Morgan grew up in, I also got to meet his parents & brother. They were so welcoming & made me feel right at home the whole weekend. We went to the church bazaar, carved pumpkins, went to church, & ate delicious meals cooked by his mom.

Weekends like this make it so hard to come back to work & real life. I suppose that’s what makes these weekends so special – rare & too short. I had spent the whole weekend being around Morgan & going home lastnight without him was sad lol. I have a million & one reasons to miss him when I’m not with him but I will save that for another time & another blog post because I will be up until midnight if I start writing about him now ;).

So all this to sum up that small towns are where it’s at! Hallmark movies are real life once you visit these towns and see that these places are real (even though some Hallmark movies are cheesier than an Arby’s beef & cheddar lol). So travel your little heart out and see these things for yourself. Take someone who you enjoy being around, eat at the hometown places, take pictures, & make memories.


As always, thanks for reading & spend your weekends doing fun things because they come & go so fast!